Please take a moment and pause to think about how Dr Vachhani has positively made an impact on your professional career as well as your day- to-day life in general.


Vachhani Sir is the most amazing and dedicated teacher who has enlightened with his valuable teachings during my graduation.
He has made continual non-tiring efforts and has been backbone in framing the careers of many. Sir you are a true inspiration, great mentor and encyclopedia of knowledge. I feel fortunate to be associated with you Sir....

Had absolutely no idea how a private institution would turn out to be especially being in its inaugural year, before applying for an admission. A couple of months into the first year of college, and we knew that we are in absolutely perfectly ideal hands.
Vachhani Sir singlehandedly (of course with the support of the Trustees and a very able staff) turned BIT into one of the most sought after institutions in the country. He is instrumental in shaping up the character and career of many BITians including mine. A lot of credit should go to Sir for all the success the BITians have achieved in their life and career.
We can never repay the debt of a Guru but would like to thank him from the bottom of our hearts for everything he has done for us as a mentor, teacher, guide and a guardian. Wishing Sir a very long life with good health and lots of love from near and dear ones. We all seek your blessings!!

Though I chose to become a scriptwriter for TV fiction after graduating as an engineer, I’ve often found myself unwittingly applying that education to what I write. Be it the story structure or interpersonal equations, I think I’ve used some part of my engineering knowledge in my little craft. But what stands out in all such references is one unforgettable person. Whenever I have had to create a character that’s an epitome of knowledge, discipline and kindness, the only person that invariably comes to mind is Vachhani Sir.
Other than the enormity of his subject knowledge, his ability to connect with each student on a personal level was extra-ordinary. I still remember once when he visited our college after he had left it, he was interacting so warmly with so many students, and he remembered each name – even mine!
No amount of success and growth can justify the qualities of such a person. Therefore, I shall only wish him good health and happiness forever.
And a big thank you, Sir, for everything!

B.I.T (student), 1986.

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Sapna Sharma

No doubt I have been very lucky to be taught by amazingly great teachers and Vachhani Sir is surely among the few who has left a permanent mark in my mind. The force with which he would do things , bring senior teachers of government college on holidays is something which I would never forget. What to say about his teaching skills! We used to be spellbound in his mechanics class. He has an unparalleled charisma.
I am sure ,all of us specially first batch of BIT, will remember the first thing about college is Vachhani sir. We are truly grateful to him for being the way he was in shaping our future.
Even today he is full of enthusiasm and energy and young at heart. I do remember this sentence , when he was giving a speech at Truba College Bhopal: “Never stop dreaming…”
Wish you good health Sir! You keep us inspiring !
1990 Pass out of BIT.

Sandeep Manglik
Sandeep Manglik

Whenever, I sit across and ponder over my education, the first personality which comes to my thoughts is Dr. Vachhani. His personality and profile comes into my forefront that how he singlehandedly guided and steered us from the first year engineering students to be where we are today. Our success would have been incomplete if he was not there in our lives. I always remember the big smile and determination on his face to overcome the initial challenges of our pioneer batch in the college and at the forefront even when the existence of the college was also in danger.
Although, I had the opportunity of being his student only in 1st year, but his vast knowledge of the subject had such an impact that I still remember those fundamentals. The impact of his one on one personal touch cannot be put in words.
If I start recollecting my experiences, it will never end. His charisma was so great that I even had goose bumps during the small meeting in 2011 in Bhopal. He still looked great and his big welcome smile was never ending.
Sir, I salute you for making us what we are today. I wish you god health and many more years to keep us inspiring and numerous students like us.

1986-1990, Pioneer Batch of BIT

Dr H A Vachhani

All words fall short when any of us try to access what this man is in our lives. He is a GOD sent blessings for our batch at BIT year 1986.

I sure all of my batchmates shall agree.

Name a virtue be it commitment, sincerity, honesty ..
It seems these vocalubary invented these words for him only.

Whatever I am today , next to my parents , I am because of him. I took admission at BIT solely because he was THE man running the show. Never had a doubt that my decesion was ever wrong.

Sir, thank you for being in life , forever endebeted to you.