During my Education and Learning process, there were FIVE PROFESSORS, who shaped my career.  I can not forget their approach to solve the problems, helping attitude. They have left an excellent impression on my mind.

Dr. Stanley Heaps (First publication was coauthored with Dr. Herzberg Nobel Laureate)

HEAD, Computing Science and Engineering Mathematics, 1963 – 1967.
Guide and Chief Supervisor of my Ph. D Thesis, 1964-67. “Bending and Vibrations Rectangular Plates of Variable Thickness”

Dr. G G Meyerhof (son of Otto Meyerhof Nobel Laureate in Physiology)

HOD, Civil Engineering, Dean of Engineering,Ph.D committees, Nova Scotia Technical College (presently Dalhousie University) 1963 onwards.

Dr. O P Jain, Structural Design Engineer par excellence,

who after a long and distinguished service at the University of Roorkee (presently I I T, Roorkee) served as a Director I I T, Delhi 1978-1983. Dr.  O P Jain was my Guide and  n Supervisor for my ME Thesis, “Plastic Hinges in Reinforced Concrete Structures

Prof. R. Khanna,

An excellent Teacher, who combined his 10 years experience  in Indian Railways and training in Glasgow,
Scotland to teach, Theory of Structures and Structural Engineering Design.